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Connecting a new integration can often be stressful. How do you know if your account is set up correctly when you're working with so many different platforms? Sometimes something as simple as a permission level can prevent you from connecting that integration to Oviond. In this article, we will be helping you understand how to get started with Serpstat on Oviond.

Connecting Serpstat To Oviond

To connect Serptat to Oviond you will require an API key as well as the website domain. Here is how you can find your API key on Serpstat:

  1. Once you have signed in to your Serpstat account, select the user icon on the top right corner
  2. Under the menu press My Account
  3. Press the Copy button to copy the API key from your Serpstat account
  4. Paste the API key into the Oviond authentication pop-up as well as the domain to the website you are looking to connect to Oviond (your domain should be typed as once you are done, click on Save

Re-authenticating Serpstat To Oviond

Working with APIs means that sometimes your authentications will need to be refreshed for security reasons. There are two error messages to look out for that can indicate that the token needs to be refreshed: Error: You Have Encountered An Unknown Error or Error: Missing Or Incorrect Authentication Credentials.

If you refresh your dashboard or your reports and you are prompted with the above error message, you will need to refresh your integration token.

Here is how you can refresh your Serpstat integration token:

  1. Delete Serpstat from the client you are having the authentication issues for
  2. Navigate to your account settings and click on Auth Accounts
  3. Select the drop-down arrow next to Serpstat
  4. Find the authentication profile you have created for Serpstat and select the bin icon to delete the profile.
  5. Navigate back to the client project and select Add Integration
  6. Select Serpstat
  7. Name your authentication profile
  8. Input the authentication details on the authentication pop-up and press Save

Serpstat Limitations

If you have connected your Serpstat account to Oviond and you see the error message “Error Fetching Search Engine” when creating a widget, this is due to the limitations on the plan you are on.

If you are on a Lifetime deal or free account with Serpstat, your account will not have regular API access with your token. The API on a lifetime account and the free account is meant to be used for plugins only and won’t revert any data if making a regular request from an API.

If you are still not able to connect your Serpstat account to Oviond once you have tried the above, please contact support.

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